May 7, 2015

Δ Rad photographer Jordan Voth and singer/ babe Quigley stunned us in this awesome       collab with our favorite For Love & Lemons. We love our gems paired with just about        anything love and lemons, this model and photographer duo did an amazing job                         showcasing that! ∇ For Love & Lemons x Child of Wild

_MG_1999copy _MG_2029copy _MG_2069copy _MG_2073copy _MG_2158copy

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_MG_2203copy _MG_2222copy _MG_2338copy _MG_2396copy _MG_2408copy _MG_2426copy For Love & Lemons x Child of Wild⇓ Shop This Look ⇓

>> Aponi Native American Turquoise Ring <<

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