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March 5, 2015

We are so lucky to be able to work with such amazing artisans from around the world. Flight of Fancy is one of the many talented artisans that we are fortunate enough to showcase, who also happen to have planted their roots in San Diego. We love their killer crystal pieces and beautifully constructed metals that are all handcrafted using sustainable materials. We got to chat with Kate and Damien to learn a little bit more about how their rad company got started.static1.squarespace

How did you get into designing jewelry?

D: Almost all our pieces are inspired by the crystals and stones we use. Every shape, color or texture begs to be displayed and worn in a different way, and a lot of our designs are completely stone-centric. K: That being said, sometimes inspiration comes out of strange places. Our last line and lookbook – Dark Side of the Moon – was inspired by a wild night in the mountains, during a full moon, listening to Pink Floyd until the sun rose.


Where do you draw your inspiration for all your amazing pieces? 

K: Originally I started out making things as I traveled around India and Southeast Asia – it was a good way to travel longer. Once I moved back to San Diego, I set up at a local farmers market where I met Damien. He worked with leather, a romance sparked, and before we knew it we were making jewelry together. D: We tend to get bored really easily, creatively. We learn a new technique or trade, and after a while we want to learn something new. The jewelry started off with feathers and leather and slowly progressed into working with raw metal and stones. Now we’re shaping and polishing all our own stones from raw material, and learning to cast metal.

page+14coverHow do you approach a new collection?

K: We started out working in collections, but found it hard to keep up with the buying/showing/release schedule. We would release a line and have an amazing new piece the next week. We’ve switched over to small capsule releases, with individual design and colorway additions throughout the year. This keeps things fresh for us and our clients, plus we never have to hold back our creative flow. D: Doing all the work ourselves allows us to let collections span the year – we don’t have to worry about mold making or outside production schedules. It’s a blessing that keeps us very busy.

Who are some of your favorite jewelry designers?

K: I absolutely LOVE PamelaLove – she can do no wrong in my eyes. The ManiaMania uses stones really beautifully, and I always admire their work. D: I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but visually speaking, any good vintage silver work is my type of style.


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What are some of your favorite pieces from your Spring line?

 K: I wear my TimeKeeper pretty much every day – it’s my favorite, hands down. That being said, as a hat girl, I’ve got a crystal hat band on at all times – I’m greedy, I have it in 5 different crystal colors! D: I really like the Tigers Eye Sphinx talisman – it’s masculine enough to be unisex, which you don’t find a lot of in the jewelry world.

What materials and techniques do you favor? 

K: We have different areas of expertise – I do all the soldering work, and Damien’s the finisher – admittedly he has a MUCH finer eye for details than I do. He sets stones beautifully – I’m jealous of that! I just became brave enough to start working with silver, and so far I love it – you can expect a LOT more silver pieces to come! D: I’m a leatherworker originally, and I usually enjoy that best, but about a year ago we got the equipment to cut, shape, and polish raw stones, and that’s my happy place. To take a chunk of rock that looks like nothing and transform it into a stone that shines and looks amazing is really fun.


Did you always know that you wanted to design jewelry?

K: Nope! I’m a classically trained pastry chef – I’ve worked Michelin star restaurants since I was 18. I thought I’d do it forever, but burnt out – jewelry design really just sort of fell into my lap, and I ran with it! It’s been a great way to stay creative in my work in a way that’s not as taxing on the body as cooking is. D: I’ve always worked with my hands – I’ve been a carpenter, landscape designer, and most recently leather worker. Kate got really into the jewelry design, and thought I’d take to it – turns out she was right. Never imagined it!

What is your favorite accessory trend right now?

K: Of course I love that crystals have really become a trend – they’ve always been a passion and love of mine, and I so love the way that people have begun to appreciate that they’re healing as well as beautiful. And hats. I can’t tell you how many hats we own – it’s kind of a problem. D: I don’t really know what trends are out there right now – I’m an observant guy, but fashion escapes me sometimes. I just make what I think is cool, and hopefully other people agree. I love that guys are growing and appreciating beards – is that an accessory? I guess hats, though in my eyes a good hat is never NOT trendy. Guys like Nick Fouquet, man, he knows what’s up with a hat!

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