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♦ψ◊ Lu⊄ifεr’s L∀dy ◊ψ♦

October 30, 2015

Child of Wild presents: Lu⊄ifεr’s L∀dy ††† Happy Hallow’s Eve you creeps !!


White ash and black magic, coax the others from across the cosmos.  Close the curtains, open the cellar.  Let the oxblood cabernet slither down your throat.  Crinkled sheets and twisted dimensions, rung like wet laundry hung to dry.  Spiral in and spiral out, we’re ghosts wandering between the high and low tides of an apocalyptic riptide.  But hallow’s eve, hallow be thy tale of the creatures of the night.

The sky polluted with a syrupy fog, or pollinated..  Whichever you’d consider a sky drenched in lingering souls of the departed.  Chains wrapped around their ankles, falling through milky silk clouds.  A phantom trapeze, they hang and they glide.  They let go between small breathes of time to tumble between our rippling veins.  They pirouette their silhouettes,  wafting through our vitality.  A galaxy of frosted porcelain fingertips, craving to sink into our velvet surfaces.  You shiver when one slips into the cavern beneath your lowest rib.  She lingers for a moment.  Just long enough to press her sunken shadow against your pulsating heart.  She can’t stay long, Lucifer’s watching.  But she missed that sound.  They all do.  To whom do we tally as the outcasts, the living or the lived?

childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepychildofwild_creepychildofwild_creepychildofwild_creepy childofwild_creepychildofwild_creepy


childofwild_creepychildofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepychildofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepychildofwild_creepy childofwild_creepyChildofWild_LadyMacbethLookbookchildofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepychildofwild_creepy childofwild_creepychildofwild_creepychildofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy childofwild_creepy

( All inspiration photos taken from Pinterest )

lady macbeth cover

☩ L A D Y M A C B E T H ☩

October 21, 2015

 ☩ ‘ L A D Y  M A C B E T H ‘ Holiday Lookbook 2015 ☩ladymacbeChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH1LadyMacbeth scriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH6ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH5ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH4lookbookscriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH2ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH3ladymacbothscriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH12script4ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH9ladymcbethscriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH16ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH15ladymacbethscriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH7ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH8ladymacbeth scriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH14ladymacbethscriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH13ladymacbethscriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH10ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH11ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETHscript10ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH19 ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH20ladymacbethscriptChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH17ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETHscript12ChildOfWild_LADYMACBETH18

 ☩ ‘ L A D Y  M A C B E T H ‘ Holiday Lookbook 2015 ☩
≗≜≗ Janell Shirtcliff ≗≜≗
≗≜≗ Ganna Bogdan ≗≜≗
≗≜≗ Kara Roberson ≗≜≗
≗≜≗ Child of Wild ≗≜≗
A special thank you to these amazing clothing brands
✙ Line&Dot ✙
✙ ✙  Jetset Diaries  ✙ ✙
✙✙✙  Jeffery Campbell  ✙✙✙
✙✙ Lenni the Label ✙✙
✙  Stone Cold Fox  ✙
✙Homage Femme✙
✙Infinity Creative Agency✙

∇ × ∇ × L A D Y óf thë L A K E × ∇ × ∇

October 14, 2015

ChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLake ChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLake ChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLakeChildofWild_LadyoftheLake

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≗≜≗ Amanda Leigh Smith ≗≜≗
≗≜≗ Tashina Hill ≗≜≗
HAIRjeweler + FACEpainter:
≗≜≗ Clarity Mettler ≗≜≗
≗≜≗ Ally Ford ≗≜≗

a VERY special thank you for the velvety clothing and Kimonos by:
≗≜≗ Girl On A Vine ≗≜≗
and stunning vintage silk kimonos by:
≗≜≗ YO VINTAGE! ≗≜≗

» » SΡèΙΙ & thë GŸPšý CöΙΙéçτívë • SuNšê† Rôãd ♦ LÖÖΚβóók ♦ » »

October 7, 2015

♦ We are beyond honored to be included in the new SΡèΙΙ & thë GŸPšý CöΙΙéçτívë lookbook featuring their rad new jewlery line layered with our vintage Native American gems. Inspired by the film Thelma & Louise, SuNšê† Rôãd takes you on a journey through the desert with mega babe and muse Erin Wasson. 



>> Holy Chieftain Turquoise Ring <<

ChildofWild_Spell&Gypsy>> Navajo Sun Cuff  <<

>> Souring Spirits Navajo Cuff  <<


>> Thunder Spirits Navajo Cuff  <<


>> Vintage Squash Blossom Necklace  <<


>> The Don Navajo Cuff  <<


 >> Vintage Warrior Native American Cuff  <<


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Sunset Road ➸ Spell October/November 2015
Photographer Graham Dunn

Muse Erin Wasson 
Hair Luciana Rose
Makeup Dawn Broussard

Styling Isabella Pennefather
Assistants Belinda Fairbanks & Chloe Chippendale
Photography assistant Bummy Koepenick