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April 5, 2017

“A true collaboration of philosophies and intentions, CHILD of WILD for D’BLANC draws on the rich symbolism of rituals and belief. We value the many cultures that influence us, and take breadth in the meaning. The collection is infused with the mystical relevance of a desert gaze, the flesh hues that leave you feeling naked yet sheltered, and the beauty of culture that rises from the power of the earth.

We are for you, we are for her, we are for everyone.”

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✤ Styled by Child of Wild ✤
 ✤ Photographer: Martha Galvan ✤
 ✤ Model: Annie Marie ✤
 ✤ Hair: Kara Roberson ✤
  ✤ Hair Assistant: Victoria Castle  ✤
✤ Makeup: Victoria McGrath  ✤
✤ Special thanks too  ✤
PowWow Designs, Asos, Bowenero, the D’blanc team and Child of Wild team

CHiLD ØF WiLD ~ WhØ gets to have a vØice?

April 4, 2017

As the our country and the world continues to face opposition from all sides the question of whose voice should be heard is often pondered. As a female run company, child of wild believes fashion should have a voice.; Not only fashion, but brands, celebrities, women, and people of influence.

Gucci’s 2016/2017 Fall/Winter fashion show featured a genderless theme. Men were dressed more feminine and women more masculine. A model was also dressed completely head to toe. Though it is up to interpretation, it is clear this genderless choice had political undertones. So should fashion communicate political messages through their clothing? Yes. Fashion is a form of art. It is a vehicle for expression and influence. If clothing and accessories were exclusive to covering the human body, what would be the point? It is a beautiful thing when a universal brand uses their influence to manifest advocacy and equality, as we saw from Gucci.

This question doesn’t only pertain to fashion. Recently, Ashton Kutcher went in front of congress to discuss sex trafficking in america. In his speech he addressed his job as an actor and as a father of two daughters. He also highlighted his job as the co-founder of Thorn, an organization that fights the sexual exploitation of children. Following Kutcher’s speech, tomi lahren, a conservative online video host, posted a segment about how celebrities have no place in politics thus presenting the question stated previously. In the United States, we are given the first amendment, the right to free speech. Each human in our country has the right to voice an opinion, a right that often doesn’t exist in other countries. As a universal figure, Ashton Kutcher deserves the right to speak out against this harrowing epidemic.

Find kutcher’s speech here:

Ten weeks ago we posted a picture on our CHild of Wild Instagram page.

This post, which clearly reflects a deep and true political message was met with much backlash and many ‘trolls’.

#byefelicia✌ We sure don’t need anymore pussies in the US. Stop your wining and get a grip. Throwing a fit never worked on your parents and won’t work now as an adult. I’ve never seen so many cry baby adults in my life. Glad you label yourself a pussy. Definitely fits”

“This march set women back 60 years! You’ll be taken real seriously with that sign” plagued our photo from the Women’s March.

As a brand ourselves, we believe we are allowed to have a voice. Through this photo we told our followers who we were and what we stand for. We are a female run company, and it’s for damn sure we will uphold our right to free speech.

Stay rad!

Tune in for more political reflection!