Anna Sui x O'neill x Child of Wild


April 17, 2015

◊ Anna Sui one of the most celebrated names in American fashion, teamed up with O’niell to create a super rad line of desert inspired threads. We were stoked when O’niell asked us to style this shoot! Check out the final look book below! ◊

Child of wild x Oniell x anna sui54ecf2b7f3b6a

 >> Shop Birr Choker <<

>> Shop Turquoise Skies Ring <<

>> Shop Crystal Flight Quartz Crown <<

>> Shop PowWow Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace <<


>> Shop Ottomans Sea Stone Necklace <<

>> Hmong Dragon’s Tooth Bangle <<

54ecf27d4e002Child of wild x Oniell x anna sui>> Kabul Vintage Afghani Necklace <<

>> Shop Four Winds Ring <<

>> Hmong Forest Warrior Cuff <<

54ecf24867807Anna sui x O'neill x child of wild

>> Shop Mountains Eye Bolo Tie <<

>> Shop Summer Highs Native American Cuff <<

>> Shop Filili Tuareg Choker <<

>> Shop Wolf Rider Necklace <<
Child of wild x Oniell x anna sui54ecf1e8d752b

>> Shop Crystal Ball Quartz Ball Necklace <<

>> Shop Zhangmu Banjara Necklace <<

>> Shop Dunes Collar <<


Shop the entire ÂNNÄ SÛI x Ø’NEÏLL collection ←

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