Book of Crystals

February 24, 2015

We are in love with artist Alexis Arnold‘s idea to transform old phonebooks, magazines, bibles and more into beautifully “frozen”, geological specimens.  These beautifully crystalized books make us want to grab any item we can think of and transform it into a shimmering artifact. Arnold says, “The crystals remove the text and transform the books into aesthetic, non-functional objects.”  Her idea for this stemmed from constantly finding boxes of empty books, the surge of e-books and the shuttering of bookstores.

crystal_books1 crystal_books2 crystal_books3 crystal_books4 crystal_books5 crystal_books6 crystal_books7 crystal_books8 crystal_books9 crystal_books10 crystal_books11 crystal_books12 crystal_books13 crystal_books14 crystal_books15 crystal_books16 crystal_books17 crystal_books18 crystal_books19 crystal_books20

See more of Alexis Arnold’s crystalized books and work on her website here. Stay tuned for some sparkly specimens hitting the Child of Wild site later this season!

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