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✦✙✦ Rad to the Bone ✦✙✦

October 24, 2017


Ma∙ca∙bre – pertaining to, representing, or dealing with the particularly grim aspect of death.

Another definition of macabre is the Sedlec Ossuary, or “Bone Church,” nicknamed for the 40,000+ human bones inside of it.

In addition to other pieces such as bone chalices, candelabras and pyramids, the Sedlec Ossuary’s most infamous bone art takes the form of a chandelier, which contains at least one of every bone in the human body.

Essentially an art exhibition made entirely of bones, the ossuary lends itself perfectly as the location for movies like Dungeons & Dragons (2000) and Blood and Chocolate (2007). It also serves as an inspiration for films, such as Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses (2003).

The Czech Republic’s church of bones dates back to the 13th century (yes, coincidentally [un]lucky number 13), when the King of Bohemia ordered the abbot of the Sedlec Monastery to Jerusalem. Abbot Henry returned with a jar of “holy soil” from Golgotha and scattered it across the Sedlec Cemetery, which instantly became one of the most desirable burial grounds for people all over the world.

The cemetery was a hot commodity, and more bodies meant more burials.


In the 15th century, a Gothic church was built nearby and its basement became an ossuary, or storage place for the bones of the deceased, which made room to bury new bodies.

If you think your job is brutal some days, just remember Frantisek Rint, a local woodcarver who was employed to arrange the thousands of bones in the ossuary in 1870.

But Rint didn’t simply organize the bones-the overachiever assembled the *complete body* bone chandelier and the Schwarzenberg family coat of arms, featuring a raven pecking at a severed head, made entirely of human bone.


Can someone say employee of the century? Rint’s name stands on the wall today, as a signature made *shockingly* out of B O N E.

So, if you want a treat instead of a trick this Halloween, take a trip to the Sedlec Ossuary-full disclaimer: you may drop your pumpkin spice latte upon sight.

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Get Stoned: O P A L

August 28, 2017

come on baby… let’s get high.


O P A L is hydrated silicon dioxide-but let’s skip the science and get to the point, why O P A L is so “precious.” While “Precious” is literally a type of O P A L, among the other categories including “Common” and “Fire,” the stone itself is believed to have many abilities beyond its striking exterior.

If you weren’t born during Pumpkin Spice Latte season, a.k.a. October, then you aren’t fortunate enough to have O P A L as your birthstone. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still sport the stone and subject yourself to its powers, which range from physical and emotional healing to inspiration of love, innocence, luck, and happiness.

O P A L, or the “Eye Stone,” was named for its aesthetic appeal, and in the ancient days it was believed to strengthen sight and cure eye diseases. In the same way that prisms refract light and reveal rainbows, O P A L attracts a full spectrum of Light energy to the body. It was also believed to bring good luck because it takes on the powers of all of the gemstones whose colors can be seen within it.

In addition to helping eyesight, O P A L is said to have beauty benefits for skin, hair, and nails. Is it “look good, feel good” or “feel good, look good?” Either way, the two go hand-in-hand and on top of O P A L‘s physical healing powers, the stone can also provide emotional healing.

Dive deep into yourself and dig up your own dirt, or O P A L will do it for you. Its high internal energy brings thoughts and emotions to the surface for analyzation and even allows for insight into past emotional states and lives. Looking for a cleanse deeper than juice? O P A L eases the process of internal cleansing by encouraging and enabling people to own their feelings, stop negative behaviors, let go of grudges, and overcome fears. In helping with this process, Opal became known as the “stone of happy dreams and changes.”

Sh*t outta luck? It’s good fortune to be gifted O P A L. According to tradition, O P A L is the 14th wedding anniversary gift, but nowadays it’s a gift for any occasion-who wouldn’t be stoked on a stack of O P A L rings? Stop by the shoppe, stack ‘em up and see the powers of O P A L for yourself! If nothing else, it’s easy on the eyes-pun fully intended.

~Stay weird babes~


April 5, 2017

“A true collaboration of philosophies and intentions, CHILD of WILD for D’BLANC draws on the rich symbolism of rituals and belief. We value the many cultures that influence us, and take breadth in the meaning. The collection is infused with the mystical relevance of a desert gaze, the flesh hues that leave you feeling naked yet sheltered, and the beauty of culture that rises from the power of the earth.

We are for you, we are for her, we are for everyone.”

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✤ Styled by Child of Wild ✤
 ✤ Photographer: Martha Galvan ✤
 ✤ Model: Annie Marie ✤
 ✤ Hair: Kara Roberson ✤
  ✤ Hair Assistant: Victoria Castle  ✤
✤ Makeup: Victoria McGrath  ✤
✤ Special thanks too  ✤
PowWow Designs, Asos, Bowenero, the D’blanc team and Child of Wild team


November 10, 2016

We teamed up with Virgins, Saints & Angels to style and direct their newest lookbook inspired by classical paintings  >> The Santisimo Collection!

The Santisimo Cross symbolizes the journey to cosmic consciousness.. Expansion of minds into mystical experiences and vast awareness. 

Gold. The sun melting in the horizon, the rays of lights dripping onto the warm luminous sand. A fusion of peach, pink and gold reflecting the sun-dipped layers. VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild

Rose Gold.  Shimmering with peach gold luster, the warm blush is illuminated beneath the crimson aura. 
VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild

Silver. Frosty winds blow through the crevices of her bones. She clutches the icy layers closer to her body, as she turns her pure face to the crystal breeze. VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild

Gunmetal. Dive into the dusky depths of the barren wasteland gilded in gunmetal. The shadowed realms are full of dark hollows sinking into the obsidian abyss.VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild VSA x Child of Wild

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Direction//Styling: Child of Wild 
Assistant Director//Styling: Casey Collins
Photographer: Martha Galvan
Model: Gabriela Bloomgarden
Hair/Makeup: Kara Roberson

Special thanks to The Dress Theory and Pow Wow Designs!