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H∅L¡DÅZ¡NG: M∅r∅ccαn W∈dd¡ng βlanke†s

December 14, 2015


Saturated with tradition and ethos, the Berber culture is rich with vitality, craft, and purpose.

From zesty turquoises, golds, and reds to purely whitewashed abodes, the vibrancy of Morocco is often celebrated in modern design.  These Berber traditions evoked in our homescapes are just as enchanted as the decor that embodies them.

Specifically, our love affair is with the Moroccan Wedding blanket.  Otherwise referred to as handira, these intricately sequined blankets are woven with love and for love.  Crafted by the bride-to-be’s female relatives, sequins are hand sewn and weaved, along with blessings and harmonies, into the sandy taupe drapery. 

Worn as a cape on her wedding day, the bride is decorated with warmth, familial collaboration, baraka (blessings), and sequins that shimmer the love and enchantment of her life to come.  The blanket is said to also have protective properties, meant to armor the bride from evil spirits on her special day and forward.

Traditionally all shades neutral, these blankets radiate a juxtaposing dose of tradition and glam.  The femme flare of mirrored sequins against a blend of oatmeal tones creates a statement that anyone would fall for this Holiday season…  and every season after.

handira-childofwild handira-childofwildhandira-childofwild handira-childofwild handira-childofwild
handira-childofwildhandira-childofwildhandira-childofwild handira-childofwild handira-childofwild handira-childofwild handira-childofwild handira-childofwild handira-childofwild

Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos

childofwild_handira chidofwild_handira

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*all images sourced from pintrest*

H∅L¡DÅZ¡NG: Gl∅rified B∅nes & †he S∅ul øf †he Sk∪ll

December 7, 2015

»» A home is where the heart is ♥‡♥ A skull is where the soul is ««

Spanning all sorts of eras and ethnologies, decorated bones are an ancient adornment way sicker than your average. The ideology behind a skull is vast.  And if you find yourself searching for a gift with meaning with holiday season, there’s a whirlwind of ancient societies and modern folkways that would point you in the same direction:

Towards the aged and evocative heirloom that points right back at you.    Two calcified tips looking forward.  Bound to a habitat, which at a time, was colonized.  But this entity of energy has since sailed onward.

The adventure to the afterlife.  A celebration of vitality.  A reminder of our transience.  An honor to humanity within flesh and without.

Many civilizations believe the skull is a portal.  The deepest of our intuitions arouse at the sense of an entry, an opening.  We’re creatures that yearn to escape and explore.  Our primal enticements of secret doors and vast landscapes, any sense of uncharted adventure- it lures us.  We’re magnetized by these roundabout saturations of philosophy.  Whether a spiritual gateway or a provocative enigma of what’s to come, we adorn our walls with bones to nourish our souls.  It’s an unconscious and enchanted stimulation.

We cherish these philosophies, and hope to spread their purpose to as many hearts and homes as we can.  We seek to awaken your senses- we’re wild like that.  Are you?

Even fossilized and vacant, we believe that the value of a head remains as the truest point of individuality.  Child of Wild seeks to preserve the importance of unique identity.  Our glorified bones have unique personalities, meant to juxtapose your own.. and the abode you call home.  Take a peak at a few of our favorite personas and where we think they’d dwell in harmony.



ChildofWild_Bones ChildofWild_BonesChildofWild_Bones




Commission an original design or a past design.

Find these unique portraits of the soul, hand made exclusively by Child of Wild, at

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» » SΡèΙΙ & thë GŸPšý CöΙΙéçτívë • SuNšê† Rôãd ♦ LÖÖΚβóók ♦ » »

October 7, 2015

♦ We are beyond honored to be included in the new SΡèΙΙ & thë GŸPšý CöΙΙéçτívë lookbook featuring their rad new jewlery line layered with our vintage Native American gems. Inspired by the film Thelma & Louise, SuNšê† Rôãd takes you on a journey through the desert with mega babe and muse Erin Wasson. 



>> Holy Chieftain Turquoise Ring <<

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 >> Vintage Warrior Native American Cuff  <<


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Sunset Road ➸ Spell October/November 2015
Photographer Graham Dunn

Muse Erin Wasson 
Hair Luciana Rose
Makeup Dawn Broussard

Styling Isabella Pennefather
Assistants Belinda Fairbanks & Chloe Chippendale
Photography assistant Bummy Koepenick

Gë† ÐøωN ω¡†h †hë ÄFRØPÛNK Fúñk

September 8, 2015

Afropunk’s annual music festival is a walking exhibit of Brooklyn’s bold and brazen.  An eclectic sea of forward fashion, Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park hosts an artistic gallery of purpose and the repurposed.  Each attendee wore a story and we are beyond inspired by their pages of kaleidescopic color and culture.  No doubt, Afropunk goers boast an iconic confidence as they write their own rulebooks (sans the rules).  Similar to the music they gather together for, they manifest their own wind, straying from the smooth sailing currents of favored trends.  Bravo, Brooklyn, we have so much to learn from you.

afropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwild

afropunk afropunk_2015_street_style_driely_s_oyster_06 afropunk_2015_street_style_driely_s_oyster_08 afropunk_2015_street_style_driely_s_oyster_26 afropunk_2015_street_style_driely_s_oyster_40 afropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwildafropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwildafropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwild afropunk_childofwild

Images Via OysterMag


July 30, 2015

∴ For hundreds of years Berber women of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Northern Morocco have been hand weaving wedding blankets referred to locally as tamizart. Now more commonly known as handira, Moroccan wedding blankets have remained an integral part of the Berber wedding tradition. ∴

Moroccan wedding blankets

Moroccan wedding blankets

∴ When a Berber girl is still young, her surrounding female family members will begin constructing a wedding blanket composed of undyed sheep’s wool, cotton, and linen. The weaving process is a communal and collaborative effort during which the unwedded girl is taught the responsibilities of womanhood and marriage by the matriarchs of her family. The blanket is to eventually be worn by the young woman on her wedding day, so family members endow marital baraka or blessings into the textile as they weave it. ∴

Moroccan wedding blankets

∴ When the base of the handira is finished, mirrored sequins are added to its surface. This process is extremely laborious, yet vital, for when the blanket is worn by the bride on her wedding day, the sequins rattle and ward off any looming evil spirits. Additionally, when worn the blanket bestows fertility and good fortune upon the newly wedded couple. ∴

Moroccan wedding blankets

∴ After the wedding ceremony has ended, a Berber bride will wrap her handira around her shoulders and wear it during the journey back to her new home with her husband. A Berber bride is always carried, typically on a mule, during this procession and her family will follow behind carrying gifts for her new family. Aside from the spiritual qualities that the wedding blanket possesses, it also provides warmth during the chilly evening ride through the mountains of Northern Morocco. ∴

Moroccan wedding blankets

∴ Moroccan wedding blankets are intricately crafted and take years to complete. No two blankets are the same and each holds a special meaning to the bride that it belongs to. A Berber woman will hold on to her handira for her whole life and pass on the wisdom she has learned to the next young girl in her family. ∴

Moroccan wedding blankets

∴ Today Moroccan wedding blankets are commonly used in Western culture as a means of decoration. Their beautiful sequins and shaggy texture make them a great rug, wall tapestry, bed throw, or couch cover like we style it here in our studio. ∴

Moroccan wedding blankets

Moroccan wedding blankets

Moroccan wedding blankets

Moroccan wedding blankets

∴ Berber culture also influenced our Desert Dweller lookbook. In addition to the wrapping of the handira, it is customary for Berber women to tattoo their faces when they come of age. They will adorn themselves with multiple symbols near openings of their body, like the mouth and eyes, in an effort to repel evil spirits.  ∴

Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos

Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos


∴ We offer a variety of wedding blankets to choose from and Berber inspired Flash Tattoos too! Shop our blankets here and our tattoos here. ∴