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It’s Official: Shoppe Grand O P E N I N G

November 8, 2017

Nov. 5,  SAN DIEGO – Friends, family, and fans fill the ivory accented, flower-adorned store, which opened softly at the end of summer. A mix of first-time and returning shoppers check out the shoppe’s curated collection of best-sellers from the 5-year old online store, Child of Wild.

Through the french double doors, guests also gather in the spacious back room, which has been transformed from a day-to-day operations and fulfillment warehouse to a party venue-complete with a photo-op wall and a charcuterie spread almost as meticulously decorated as the shoppe.

Party-goers vibe to beats spun by San Diego’s own DJ Mazz while sipping on local beer from Thorn Brewing Co. and cocktails from our neighbor Babe Kombucha.

Pop-ups on pop-ups post up in the back, including Civil Rags recycled clothing, Trippen.On.Plants plush greenery, Gypsy Eyes vintage, and Virgins Saints & Angels religious gems.

Chill vibes only – Pow Wow Design Studio set up a lounge almost too cute to sit in.

Child of Wild thanks everyone for attending the event and supporting the Shoppe opening!

Stay weird babes!





Get Stoned: O P A L

August 28, 2017

come on baby… let’s get high.


O P A L is hydrated silicon dioxide-but let’s skip the science and get to the point, why O P A L is so “precious.” While “Precious” is literally a type of O P A L, among the other categories including “Common” and “Fire,” the stone itself is believed to have many abilities beyond its striking exterior.

If you weren’t born during Pumpkin Spice Latte season, a.k.a. October, then you aren’t fortunate enough to have O P A L as your birthstone. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still sport the stone and subject yourself to its powers, which range from physical and emotional healing to inspiration of love, innocence, luck, and happiness.

O P A L, or the “Eye Stone,” was named for its aesthetic appeal, and in the ancient days it was believed to strengthen sight and cure eye diseases. In the same way that prisms refract light and reveal rainbows, O P A L attracts a full spectrum of Light energy to the body. It was also believed to bring good luck because it takes on the powers of all of the gemstones whose colors can be seen within it.

In addition to helping eyesight, O P A L is said to have beauty benefits for skin, hair, and nails. Is it “look good, feel good” or “feel good, look good?” Either way, the two go hand-in-hand and on top of O P A L‘s physical healing powers, the stone can also provide emotional healing.

Dive deep into yourself and dig up your own dirt, or O P A L will do it for you. Its high internal energy brings thoughts and emotions to the surface for analyzation and even allows for insight into past emotional states and lives. Looking for a cleanse deeper than juice? O P A L eases the process of internal cleansing by encouraging and enabling people to own their feelings, stop negative behaviors, let go of grudges, and overcome fears. In helping with this process, Opal became known as the “stone of happy dreams and changes.”

Sh*t outta luck? It’s good fortune to be gifted O P A L. According to tradition, O P A L is the 14th wedding anniversary gift, but nowadays it’s a gift for any occasion-who wouldn’t be stoked on a stack of O P A L rings? Stop by the shoppe, stack ‘em up and see the powers of O P A L for yourself! If nothing else, it’s easy on the eyes-pun fully intended.

~Stay weird babes~

Rain Drop, NEW Shoppe

August 2, 2017

child of wild shoppe

Aug. 2, SAN DIEGO – A wild shoppe emerges from the depths of Instagram to the sunny streets of San Diego, pronouncing itself the first Child of Wild storefront. The cream colored, cactus-filled concept store boasts a collection of Child of Wild’s most popular online pieces I.R.L.

child of wild shoppe

The shoppe is an eclectic embodiment of the essence of Child of Wild, decked out in ivory hues with pieces ranging from crystal-embellished cow skulls to Mongolian fur throws, and of course eye-catching jewelry from all over the world.

Five years after its establishment online, Child of Wild finally, and quite literally, opens its doors to the public. Owner Eileen Lofgren moved to Los Angeles to start her company and embark on the archetypal journey of L.A., which many people fall victim to, arriving high in hopes and leaving low in funds. After hours of traffic down the coast, Lofgren unpacked and moved herself and Child of Wild into her parents’ basement in San Diego to give it a fighting chance. Lofgren saw the potential in her newborn child, but never could have expected to reach 500,000 followers so soon.

This week, Child of Wilde Shoppe quietly opened its doors with a cactus outside and lit up its hot pink cow skull “open” sign. An Instagram post will announce the grand opening, which eager fans from all over Southern California have been anticipating.

Keep refreshing your feed and let’s get weird!


April 5, 2017

“A true collaboration of philosophies and intentions, CHILD of WILD for D’BLANC draws on the rich symbolism of rituals and belief. We value the many cultures that influence us, and take breadth in the meaning. The collection is infused with the mystical relevance of a desert gaze, the flesh hues that leave you feeling naked yet sheltered, and the beauty of culture that rises from the power of the earth.

We are for you, we are for her, we are for everyone.”

>> Shop the Collection  <<


✤ Styled by Child of Wild ✤
 ✤ Photographer: Martha Galvan ✤
 ✤ Model: Annie Marie ✤
 ✤ Hair: Kara Roberson ✤
  ✤ Hair Assistant: Victoria Castle  ✤
✤ Makeup: Victoria McGrath  ✤
✤ Special thanks too  ✤
PowWow Designs, Asos, Bowenero, the D’blanc team and Child of Wild team

CHiLD ØF WiLD ~ WhØ gets to have a vØice?

April 4, 2017

As the our country and the world continues to face opposition from all sides the question of whose voice should be heard is often pondered. As a female run company, child of wild believes fashion should have a voice.; Not only fashion, but brands, celebrities, women, and people of influence.

Gucci’s 2016/2017 Fall/Winter fashion show featured a genderless theme. Men were dressed more feminine and women more masculine. A model was also dressed completely head to toe. Though it is up to interpretation, it is clear this genderless choice had political undertones. So should fashion communicate political messages through their clothing? Yes. Fashion is a form of art. It is a vehicle for expression and influence. If clothing and accessories were exclusive to covering the human body, what would be the point? It is a beautiful thing when a universal brand uses their influence to manifest advocacy and equality, as we saw from Gucci.

This question doesn’t only pertain to fashion. Recently, Ashton Kutcher went in front of congress to discuss sex trafficking in america. In his speech he addressed his job as an actor and as a father of two daughters. He also highlighted his job as the co-founder of Thorn, an organization that fights the sexual exploitation of children. Following Kutcher’s speech, tomi lahren, a conservative online video host, posted a segment about how celebrities have no place in politics thus presenting the question stated previously. In the United States, we are given the first amendment, the right to free speech. Each human in our country has the right to voice an opinion, a right that often doesn’t exist in other countries. As a universal figure, Ashton Kutcher deserves the right to speak out against this harrowing epidemic.

Find kutcher’s speech here:

Ten weeks ago we posted a picture on our CHild of Wild Instagram page.

This post, which clearly reflects a deep and true political message was met with much backlash and many ‘trolls’.

#byefelicia✌ We sure don’t need anymore pussies in the US. Stop your wining and get a grip. Throwing a fit never worked on your parents and won’t work now as an adult. I’ve never seen so many cry baby adults in my life. Glad you label yourself a pussy. Definitely fits”

“This march set women back 60 years! You’ll be taken real seriously with that sign” plagued our photo from the Women’s March.

As a brand ourselves, we believe we are allowed to have a voice. Through this photo we told our followers who we were and what we stand for. We are a female run company, and it’s for damn sure we will uphold our right to free speech.

Stay rad!

Tune in for more political reflection!