child of wild x Discover SD


April 24, 2015

◊ Discover SD put out a really rad article about our boss babe Eileen Lofgren, and how she started Child Øf WillÐ! Social media has been so essential to our companies growth, we owe our success to all of you babes! ◊

 Check out the entire Discover SD article here ⇐ 

child of wild x Discover SD

“I started a website where I would only buy authentically from these cultures and give them full recognition,” said Lofgren. “I opened the online store on my 24th birthday, two years ago. Since then, it’s been my sole job and passion.”child of wild x Discover SDchild of wild x Discover SD

“We owe our life to social media,” laughed Lofgren. “Sometimes it will take me an hour to conceptualize one Instagram post. If it’s not one of the coolest pictures we’ve seen, we won’t post it.”

child of wild x Discover SD“The company is spawned out of an unbelievable respect for the cultures, so they’re incredibly receptive of what we do,” said Lofgren. All credit is given to the cultures on the Child of Wild website and blog, where customers can learn the story behind their purchase.child of wild x Discover SD

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