How To: Style your Indian Headdress

January 26, 2015

indian headpiece Child of WIld

We are constantly swooning over our insanely beautiful and traditional Indian headpieces.  We carry an array of authentic, intricate, handmade head adornments that are traditionally worn by brides in India. Check out our headpieces, tika’s, and of course our rad and colorful bindi’s.

We’ve received tons of emails from clients wondering how to style and specifically how to wear these (they can be fairly confusing!). Today we’re going to break it down and show you some tricks of the trade when it comes to these gorgeous Indian accessories.

Chid of Wild Headpiece


Each headpiece is meant to hook into your hair via the little hooks pictured above.  It’s pretty much impossible to make these stay securely so we’ve laid out the supplies you’ll need to make sure these beautiful babes stay snug on your noggin while your head-banging to our lady Florence at Coachella


Bobby pins are necessary when securing these beauties to your head.  You can find them at your local drugstore or you can always buy them here. Definitely try and match the color of the bobby pins to your hair so they blend in nicely.


You’re probably thinking, “WTF what does eyelash glue have to do with this headpiece?!” Trust us this is ESSENTIAL when it comes to keeping these dangly ornaments from sliding around your forehead. Again, you can find eyelash glue at any drugstore, we chose LashGrip because we like how the glue dries clear.


Step 1: Place the headpiece on your head and secure each hook with bobby pins.

IMG_1137 IMG_1162

Step 2: Once you have secured the headpiece, take your eyelash glue and add a little dab to the back of the hanging adornment. Let it dry and…VOILA! No budging, sliding, just straight gypsy jewels on that beautiful head!

IMG_1164 IMG_1172

We’d love to see how you style your headpieces! Comment below or tag us in your instagram posts using #ChildofWild !



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  1. america rodriguez

    Im guessing this headpiece is out of stock because its not on the website and I would really like to buy it! Its gorgeous!

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