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May 26, 2015

Souls and ghouls, sprites and spooks- we love ourselves the ancient folklore that ties us to our supernatural roots.  When it comes to glowing tales of silver and spirits, the Hmong do it best.  Ancestrally understood as the hill tribe ‘Miao’, the Hmong traditions drift mostly through Thailand, Laos, Burma, and Vietnam.  Notorious for their strong will and soft souls, the Hmong have a rich heart of tradition that radiates in their jewelry- and we really dig it.


97bd6c8cb5109de47844856bfcd55d8cSongs of Hmong heritage are mirrored within their traditional jewelry and ornaments, with spiritual folklore dwelling deep within each piece.  Silver represents far more than wealth to their community, as it personifies the marrow of ‘good life’.  9330e3327c2898709c1a1b1e19a27580

The Hmong are worshippers of the spirit, or ‘animists’, believing that every animate and inanimate object has a soul, spirit, or phi.  Silver plays a vital role in warding off negative spirits, keeping souls at peace, and directing those positive vibes to the places that need it.  The Hmong etch beautiful stories of culture and tradition by carving intricate motifs of good fortune or protection into their adornments.  Check out a few of our favorite Hmong pieces and the auras behind their designs.


Our Healing Spirit Hill tribe necklace:

IMG_3481_1024x1024Handmade by the Hmong dwelling north of the Laos border in China, the metal tassel detail invites spirits meant to bring good health and well-being with their chime-like sounds.  Etched within the silver is a motif of an elephant, trunk raised, indicating good luck and fortune.


Hmong forest warrior cuff:
IMG_2725_1024x1024The feather design represents protection in the forest, and is commonly adorned during ceremonies and festivals.


Our Fisherman’s Kiss cuff:


The fish is a powerful symbol of good fortune to the Hmong people.  This bracelet is worn during ceremonies and festivals to promote good luck and a successful season of fishing.


Our Fire of Peace Cuff, Dragon Warrior Arm Cuff, & Dragon’s Fire Silver Cuff:

IMG_3576_largeDragons are a potent symbol of fortune, good luck, and strength.  Etchings and embellishments of dragon faces are meant to scare off negative spirits.

IMG_2269_3b3f619c-870e-4ffc-97db-ca6697d9748a_large Spikes, resembling the skin of a dragon, are also meant ward off evil, keeping the bearer of this bracelet and her family safe from harm.  While the shamanic spirit element is 100% Hmong, the dragon design is an influence from Imperial China, who invaded Hmong lands during the Qing dynasty.pro_1_large



The folklore behind these ornaments are beautifully captivating.  Their use of silver continues to dazzle no matter the antiquity, and we just can’t get enough!

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