August 12, 2015

◊ We had the pleasure of chatting with blogger babe Kaitlynn Carter! We got to learn a little more about her rad blog “Western Wild“, and what she does in her down time with her       famous beau Brody Jenner. ◊
child of wild x Kaitlynn Carter

What is your favorite aspect of running your blog “Western Wild”?

 Well, probably both my favorite and least favorite aspects are that I am the only one responsible for the final product on that blog. So if I’m really proud of a post, it’s all mine to celebrate! But by the same token, when I’m less satisfied with something it lingers at the back of my head. Overall though, I love the freedom to make it whatever I want.

What are some of your favorite upcoming Fall trends?

I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the flared denim trend! And I love all the collar necklaces and chokers everyone’s wearing!!

What are your favorite Child of Wild pieces? 

I am DYING to get my hands on one of those embellished skulls! I’ve admired them forever. But my favorite pieces of jewelry are the Open Scarecrow Collar and The Sultan Choker. (Seen on Kaitlynn below)

Screenshot 2015-08-05 12.04.29

You and your good friend Tiana just launched the website Foray collective, tell us a      little about it and why you both decided to start it?

Well, Foray started out as a fairly simple idea over lunch and has really morphed into a tool that I believe will be a game changer in the fashion retail industry. Basically, Foray will scour the planet for emerging designers and brands we love, and in one curated online marketplace, feature them for consumers to discover and connect with. All shoppers will be directed to the individual brands’ websites to shop, but they’ll have a universal shopping cart on the Foray homepage so they can purchase from multiple brands in just one checkout process. It allows consumers to connect on a deeper level with the brands they’re buying from and discover new designers without having to search on their own, and the brands are able to sell direct-to-consumer (something many emerging and small brands struggle with).

What is the best concert you have ever attended?

Tom Petty at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. It was such an intimate space, and I am in love with every one of his songs. He’s a legend!

Tell us what a normal date night entails for you and Brody?

Well, we live together so every night sort of feels like a date night for us. Honestly, people might find this hard to believe because we travel so often, but we’re both total homebodies. All the travel is tied to work. So our typical date night is probably ordering Bui Sushi delivery and snuggling up with our dogs to watch Alaskan Bush People (BTW that show is the best show on television!!).

child of wild x Kaitlynn Carter

Who or what is your spirit animal(s)?

I like the idea that a wolf would be, but honestly, it’s probably my dog Shoey. He may technically be more my shadow than spirit animal (he spends most of every day sitting on my feet), but he’s the first dog I’ve had that I swear can read my mind (and I can read his). Plus he’s got all the personality traits I admire. He’s affectionate, friendly, happy, enthusiastic about life, patient, easygoing and loves to travel!

The blogging world is so competitive, what does the Western Wild have that gives it an edge on other blogs?

It’s just very true to my voice, which obviously no one else can replicate. It’s also a little more heavy in the writing content than other blogs I see. Western Wild isn’t just about what I’m wearing or how I did my makeup, it’s about life: relationships, travel, breakouts and hair extension disasters! The biggest compliment I could get about my blog is that it’s relatable and that readers feel connected with me, and I get that a lot, which makes me sooo happy!!

kaitlynn carter x child of wild

( Kaitlynn pictured above in our Lunar Eclipse Choker ) 

What is your favorite age of fashion?

The 70s. I was psyched to see those styles come back in a big way this year!

Who was the best new or current talent you saw at Miami swim?

My absolute fave is Tori Praver, although Mikoh crushed it as well, of course! But in terms of up-and-comers, I’ve got my eyes on Velvet Sphynx!

Head over to Kaitlynn’s blog Western Wild to see her Q&A with our Boss lady Eileen Lofgren!

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