Luiny x Child of Wild

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May 22, 2015

♦ Currently obsessing over Luiny’s flawed leather choker, one of our favorite pieces to throw on for festivals or a night out! We had the pleasure of chatting with New York based jewelry designer Luiny Rivera for a little Q&A about her rad company! ♦
child of wild x LuinyLuiny x Child of Wild

How did you get into the business of jewelry design?

I was going to school for the wrong career and was depressed and bored… so I needed something to express myself and my talents and make money off of it.

Do you have a creative ritual when starting to brainstorm a new collection?

I have books that I sit and look at and the inspiration organically flows from there… sometimes I don’t even sketch, I just start working with the wax and I can go for hours.  I love wax carving.

Luiny x Child of Wild Luiny x Child of Wild

Are there any jewelry designers that you look up to or are inspired by?

Not really…  I admire other designers but I get my inspiration from tribal art.

What are some of your favorite key pieces from your Summer collection?

Really, all of them! But if I have to chose: the leather wrap necklace, the rugged leather choker, the ear cuffs and the rombo ring.

Luiny x Child of WildLuiny x Child of WildIf you had a spirit animal who or what would it be?

Definitely a cat!

Can’t leave the house without which item of jewelry?

Ironically, I don’t wear that many accessories, but lately when I do, I want to wear everything: I like to fill my ears and wear stacks of rings.

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