The Rad Guy’s Gift Guide

November 24, 2015

∴ No matter how well you know him, he’s still the hardest to shop for.  No frets though, we’ll let you in on our dirty little gifting secrets.  Our men’s collection is an ode to our favorite wild boys, bad boys, and rusty rockers, of course.  But if your man likes a good story, we’ve got a few vintage oddities and rarities with a story as special as your man is to you.

ChildofWild_MensChildofWild_MensFreshly welded or rustically vintage, Native American Rings are a favorite go-to gift for our laid back rock and rollers.  From Navajo engraved sterling silver bands, to the raddest turquoise statement rings- All of our Vintage items are aged with love and carry the spirit of all the decades it has lived. A gift that is genuinely one of a kind!  ChildofWild_Mens

Wind Tales Mens Ring

Tribe Elder Men’s Ring

Arrowhead Vintage Navajo Ring

Mountain’s Thunder Turquoise Ring

Silver Horse Vintage Native American Ring 


For the men who like to keep it simple, gift them with a little statement:  Our money clips trump any wallet.  They’re meant to keep credit cards and cash organized without the bulkiness of carrying around a wallet.  Keep their pockets light & their hearts heavy with our vintage navajo money clip collection.  What super babe doesn’t want her man to whip out cash stashed into a Navajo made clip, anyway?

We love a man in a sexy skinny tie.  We also love a man who adorns it with a little extra somethin’.  Our tie accessories create an eclectic rad style out of any suit.  Used to control the creases in a tie, tie accessories are the perfect way to funk up your boring office attire or wedding date suit.  And if he refuses to match his tie color to your dress, at least he’ll match your killer turquoise gems.  *For the man who doesn’t wear ties, they also make killer jacket pins!


Wild Horses Navajo Money Clip

Third Stone From the Sun Money Clip

Vintage Arrow Tie Pin

Native American Tie Pin

Native Bones Tie Pins



Necklaces, Bracelets, and Signet Rings! Nothing is more attractive than a man layered in jewelry. Frolicking with him at your favorite festival, or cuddled up watching Mathew McConaughey in True Detective re-runs, these pieces are made to make memories in.  Choose from Native American bolo ties and rad statement necklaces.  Our bracelets are perfect worn alone or layered all together for the ultimate cool.ChildofWild_Mens

Large Hook Necklace

Arrowhead Bolo Tie

Zorita Ring

Sobek Cuff

Hiapo Hook Bracelet


Objects! Our vintage handcrafted Native American lighter case and Seeing Eye bottle opener are the perfect accessories for your wild man who loves a good party! Vibe out interior spaces with our Bones Collection and incense burners guaranteed to bring good energy for cozy nights at home!ChildofWild_Mens

Bosnian Springbok Vintage Wall Ornament 

Seeing Eye Bottle Opener

Eye of Horus Egyptian Incense Burner

Eye of Horus Leather Wallet

Bird of Fire Vintage Native American Lighter Case 
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All inspiration photos taken from Pinterest and google search