Rain Drop, NEW Shoppe

August 2, 2017

child of wild shoppe

Aug. 2, SAN DIEGO – A wild shoppe emerges from the depths of Instagram to the sunny streets of San Diego, pronouncing itself the first Child of Wild storefront. The cream colored, cactus-filled concept store boasts a collection of Child of Wild’s most popular online pieces I.R.L.

child of wild shoppe

The shoppe is an eclectic embodiment of the essence of Child of Wild, decked out in ivory hues with pieces ranging from crystal-embellished cow skulls to Mongolian fur throws, and of course eye-catching jewelry from all over the world.

Five years after its establishment online, Child of Wild finally, and quite literally, opens its doors to the public. Owner Eileen Lofgren moved to Los Angeles to start her company and embark on the archetypal journey of L.A., which many people fall victim to, arriving high in hopes and leaving low in funds. After hours of traffic down the coast, Lofgren unpacked and moved herself and Child of Wild into her parents’ basement in San Diego to give it a fighting chance. Lofgren saw the potential in her newborn child, but never could have expected to reach 500,000 followers so soon.

This week, Child of Wilde Shoppe quietly opened its doors with a cactus outside and lit up its hot pink cow skull “open” sign. An Instagram post will announce the grand opening, which eager fans from all over Southern California have been anticipating.

Keep refreshing your feed and let’s get weird!

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