July 2, 2015

GÄRNξ† :: Twisting cherry stems with her tongue, sweet like licorice, she’s a vixen making love in crimson clouds.  Sweet talk and sultry like roses & rubies, pour her another glass of cabaret baby.

Ç¡ΤR¡ΝΞ :: Hold her close and peel the layers of her sunrise.  Keep her close if she’s got tangerine kisses.  Zest her and caress her.  She’s got a fire in the tang of her mandarin bite.

ÄMβξR :: Skin like saffron, she’s a blonde bisque beauty.  Her gaze is always toward the rays of sandy sun.  Listen to her singing with the birds and the bees, and with her golden gaze, let her pollenate your soul.

MÄLÄ⊂H¡τΞ :: An evergreen goddess, she tangos with the wind.  Keep her curious, she’s wise like the willows.  Ripen her with seduction, she’s raw with emerald dreams.

LÄρ¡Š :: Swim in her indigo seduction, soft like the Caribbean sea.  Adrift in her ocean under waves of cotton sheets.  She’ll dive into your soul, and she’ll drift there.

ÄΜΞ†HϒŠτ :: Sweet like lavender haze, she’ll sing you violet lullabies.  Hold her under magenta midnight skies.  She’ll hypnotize you with her lilac velvet touch.


Extra images sourced on Pinterest/Google Images


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